Hej! Logistics is a perfect community to have as partner. We are always looking for new communitys to have close to our community. Together we will create the best experience for our members. Interested?

Hej! Logistics | Welcomes you

Active Community

Our community is very active around TruckersMP & Farming Simulator.

Outside the box

We are always searching beyond the boundaries.


The best events & parties only happens in Hej! Logistics.


Never won something? At Hej! you always a big chance of winning!

Hej! Logistics | Partnership terms
A partnership with Hej! Logistics is different what you can expect. For us, a partnership is like a friendship between VTC's, there is no obligations asked or expected from each other. Just happy driving together!

What do you get as partner?

Partners will have guaranteed a slot, free of choice for our events or can join us our reserved Partner slot. Partners will be informed before public announcements.

Partners will be displayed on our website with a link to your VTC TruckersMP page. We will (try to) attend your public events and will be listed on our event page.

In the event of a conflict arising between partners drivers, rather than filing a report to TruckersMP, the drivers should inform their VTC owners. This will allow partners to take the appropriate measures within their respective VTC resulting in a more positive outcome and less bans for their drivers.

What do we expect from a partner?

We would like to receive a slot at your convoy. Or a privelege we can book a slot on time.

We would like to be displayed on your website and/or your Discord. Let your members know there are free to join our Discord or visit our website.

We appreciate if we are welcome in your community. How you treat us, we will treat you. If there is something happening feel free to reach out to us.
Hej! Logistics | Partners